Facts on Face Oils

Heal your skin with plant-based oils!

Why Oils Over Creams?

  • Creams contain mostly waxes and water, with some occasional oils.  Waxes form a closed barrier over your skin, which can be great for retaining moisture, but then leads to clogged pores and also prevents other nutrients from absorbing in the skin.  

Common Misconceptions About Face Oils

  • causes breakouts
  • leaves skin greasy


Note the following might convince you to add face oils to your beauty regimen:  


Why Skin Loves Plant-Based Oils

  • Treating your skin without exposure to chemicals, toxins, or harsh treatments.
  • Improving your Lipid/Skin Barrier
    • A healthy lipid barrier retains moisture
    • By adding face oils to your skin regimen, they help improve skins lipid barrier which then helps prevent water loss, keeping it hydrated and protected.


The Truth

  • When we use harsh cleansers or other products that strip our skin of their natural oils, our sebaceous glands (glands that produce oil/sebum) go into overdrive producing excess oil trying to compensate for what is lost.
  • Overtime the overproduction of sebum can clog pores leading to breakouts and even more oily skin.  
  • When face oils are used, the sebaceous glands don't need to work as hard because they can feel that oil is already present.  
  • Oils work both ways, hydrating areas of the skin that are dry and balancing the parts with excess oil. 

It's pretty much magic in a bottle!