My Sentiments On Skincare

Last summer I spent a month in Costa Rica for a yoga teacher training.  I had the pleasure of rooming with a lovely girl who happened to be suffering from problematic skin.  I noticed she would use toothpaste to dry up her acne (I've been there) but I also knew how harsh it was for skin.    


At that point in time, I had been experimenting making my own skincare products and brought some with me to last for the month.  I politely offered her to try out the face oil and she began using it morning and night. 

After a few days I noticed her face was glowing and her acne was slowly disappearing.  When she told me that her skin had never been so good, I was filled with a sense of gratification I had never experienced before.  This then fueled me to focus on an idea I had floating around in my head months prior.

Before that trip, I had only been making products for myself.  I noticed the results personally, but after seeing how it had helped my roommate,  I realized its potential.  I’ve never liked wearing a lot of make-up so my main focus was to make products that helped improve skin without the use of toxic chemicals.  After modeling for 10 years, I must have tried thousands of products and spent countless hours at beauty supply stores just reading ingredients labels (my idea of a good time).   

Needless to say I figured out what my skin loves so I spent A LOT of time researching, experimenting, testing on friends (thank you btw) and finally curated my very own skincare line, Remedies Apothecary.  I chose the name “remedies” because it stands for healing and that's my main goal in creating this brand, to offer healing products with a purpose.