You Are What You Put On Your Skin

Here at Remedies Apothecary, we care about transparency. Our goal is to spread awareness about knowing what we put on our skin and to consciously think about what we expose it to.  Since skin is in fact our biggest organ, lets protect it!

Below is a list of ingredients used in RA products along with some of their individual benefits.  

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Essential Oils

o    calms the skin
o    natural sleep and headache remedy

Ylang Ylang
o    protects hair and skin
o    promotes hair growth and thickness

o    appearance of large pores
o    prevent wrinkles
o    tighten skin naturally

o    soothe
o    tightens skin
o    cleans skin (astringent quality)

o    ultra-healing
o    antibacterial

o    alternative after bite(soothes itchy skin) 
o    clears sinuses

Tea Tree
o    fights infection, acne, and fungus
o    dandruff
o    naturally kills bacteria

o    treats acne
o    anti inflammatory
o    hydrating

o    skin brightening
o    heals acne scarring and stretch marks

o    soothes skin irritations

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Plant Based Oils

Coconut Oil
o    rich in fatty acids
o    high in vitamin E
o    triglycerides help retain moisture
o    contains lauric acid which has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties
o    heals acne, infections, and cuts  

Jojoba Oil
o    balances oil production

Tamanu Oil
o    aka beauty leaf oil
o    heals burned or damaged skin
o    anti inflammatory
o    anti microbial
o    stimulates growth of new healthy tissue

Sea Buckthorn
o    aka the miracle berry
o    enhances both health and beauty
o    slows aging process
o    increases cellular vitality

Apricot Kernel Oil
o    helps skin maintain moisture balance
o    contains vitamins A and E

Natural Preservatives

Vitamin E
o    hydrating
o    heals scarring and stretch marks

Grape Seed Oil
o    good for acne prone skin
o    anti inflammatory
o    astringent like quality


Other Ingredients

[candle form]
o    clean burning
o    natures air purifier
[topical use]
o    locks in moisture
o    protects skin
o    antibacterial
o    contains vitamin A
o    one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets 

Activated Charcoal
o    pulls toxins and other impurities out of skin

Aloe Vera
o    powerful healing agent
o    helps regenerate skin
o    soothes sunburn

Witch Hazel
o    removes excess oil from skin
o    treats acne
o    natural astringent

Shea Butter
o    heals and hydrates skin
o    treats fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes